Philippe Pautesta-Herder - Owner Head Of Marketing

Philippe Pautesta Herder: A Visionary Leader in Hospitality Innovation

About Philippe:
Philippe is more than a seasoned hospitality entrepreneur; he’s a visionary committed to crafting unforgettable experiences and redefining luxury standards.
With over 25 years of industry expertise, his innovative approach, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to excellence have earned him a stellar reputation.

Professional Journey:
From his humble beginnings working summers at his family’s restaurant, La Maison D’Adeline in Eygalieres, to his tenure at iconic New York establishments like Balthazar, 
Philippe’s journey epitomizes dedication and growth. Alongside industry luminaries like Georges Forgeois and Rebecca Cole, Philippe honed his craft in guest service, operations management, and business development.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:
Fueled by a desire to challenge norms, Philippe founded PHP Enterprises in 2006, a boutique hospitality consulting firm renowned for its distinctive properties and personalized service. Under his leadership, PHP Enterprises has expanded rapidly,
leaving an indelible mark on renowned clients such as The South Beach Group, Dupoux Design, The Famous Webster and Caviar Kaspia . In 2012, Philippe launched Le Food Catering, Miami’s premier Photoshoot & Movies Caterer, earning acclaim for
his culinary creativity and dedication to enhancing on-set experiences.

Philippe’s initiative in launching the Miami Nice Jazz Festival in collaboration with Panda Events in 2012 played a vital role in fostering cultural and diplomatic ties between Miami and Nice, France. The festival served as a platform for cultural
exchange and celebration, contributing to the strengthening of the sister city relationship between the two cities.
In 2023, he assumed co-ownership and business development leadership of the Florida Towel Company, marking a new chapter in his entrepreneurial ventures.

Innovative Vision:
Philippe’s relentless pursuit of innovation has propelled PHP Enterprises to the forefront of the industry. Constantly exploring new concepts and embracing emerging technologies, he sets new benchmarks for excellence. Philippe’s latest venture, The Florida Towel Company, aims to revolutionize packaged refreshment towels globally.

At the heart of Philippe’s philosophy lies the belief in hospitality’s transformative power. He sees every interaction as an opportunity to create joy and connection, leaving lasting impressions on guests and staff alike.

Future Endeavors:
With an unyielding commitment to innovation, Philippe envisions his brand expanding globally, captivating audiences with unique destinations that redefine hospitality. Beyond his professional pursuits, Philippe finds inspiration in photography, travel,
culinary adventures, and diverse cultures.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Philippe is an avid photographer, finding inspiration in his travels, culinary adventures, and encounters with diverse cultures.

Driven by his pursuit of perfection and genuine passion for hospitality, Philippe stands as a beacon of innovation in an ever-evolving industry

Pierre Gelin - Owner Head Of Sourcing & Logistics

Managing Partner of Chef! Chef!! Chef!!! Inc., established in Delray Beach in 2008 and expanding into the Miami market in 2016, is a renowned fine foods distributor catering
to a variety of establishments including country clubs, hotels, casinos, and caterers.

Led by Jean Pierre Blouin, with over 25 years of experience as a chef, the company prides itself on delivering quality products and premium customer service. With a keen understanding of chefs’ needs and the latest culinary trends, Chef! Chef!! Chef!!! ensures attention to detail and quality control.

Pierre Gelin, the Managing Partner, brings another 25 years of expertise in the food industry, further enhancing the company’s commitment to excellence. Their investment in a state-of-the-art facility near Opa Locka airport, with expanded freezer space and temperature-controlled dry rooms, underscores their dedication to quality and safety.

Additionally, they now offer a full line of eco-friendly disposables, customizable with branding, trusted by major
clients like Hard Rock Stadium, Hard Rock Casino, and the
Miami Beach Convention Center.

In 2023, he assumed co-ownership and sourcing & logistics leadership of the Florida Towel Company, marking a new chapter in his entrepreneurial ventures.

Fabien Rocca - Owner Head Of Design & Creative Director

Fabien Rocca, born on October 8, 1973, in Corsica, France, embarked on a multifaceted journey through art and entrepreneurship.

After studying at the Julian
Academy Met De Penninghen in 1992 and earning his PhD in June 1996, he delved into the realm of advertising in Paris before seeking personal fulfillment in Florida in June 1997. His artistic evolution continued with a transformative trip to Thailand in 2001, leading to the establishment of his art studio in Phuket.

Rocca’s passion for diverse techniques, notably silkscreen, shaped his artistic expression, culminating in the co-founding of MYFACE Company in May 2007. MYFACE, a digital art gallery, showcased international talent and collaborated with Warner Bros in 2010 for a commemorative project on DC Comics’ 75th anniversary.

Transitioning to ROCCA DECORATION LLC in Miami from 2014 to 2024, Rocca honed his expertise in high-end
wallpaper installation.

In 2023, he assumed co-ownership and creative leadership of the Florida Towel Company, marking a new chapter in his entrepreneurial ventures.

Linda Chambers - Public Relation & Liaison

Linda Chambers is a distinguished public relations connector celebrated for her expertise in community engagement, her strategic approach to digital marketing, and her deftness in bridging cultural gaps within the business world. Her impressive tenure in educational leadership at some of Miami’s most prestigious private schools has been marked by her ability to foster environments that nurture collaboration and collective success.

Renowned for her capacity to navigate and reconcile cultural distinctions, Linda plays an instrumental role in orchestrating successful partnerships and closing deals. Her nuanced understanding of cultural nuances and her talent for creating resonant connections are her trademarks in the global market.

At present, Linda applies her strategic prowess and her zeal for community progress in her role as the Assistant to the Head of School at Fisher Island Day School. Her extensive experience, previously showcased as Director, solidifies her dedication to advancing both the educational experience and the essence of community spirit.

Beyond the realm of education, Linda is engaged in a digital marketing role where she adopts a global outlook, committed to captivating a French-speaking audience. She creates transcendent content that celebrates the myriad aspects of Miami’s culture, as well as the varied experiences found across international locales in food, entertainment, fashion, and beauty. Linda’s mission is to weave a tapestry of global cultures through educational and authentic narratives, cultivating a global community bound by shared passions for travel, lifestyle, and cultural discovery.

Linda Chambers stands out for her capacity to foster significant collaborations and her commitment to fostering unity across continents. Her proficiency in connecting people and enterprises establishes her as a prominent figure in the domains of education, digital marketing, and international commerce. Her endeavors not only enrich local and worldwide communities but also highlight the beautiful complexity of our interconnected world, motivating others to seek out new experiences and celebrate cultural diversity.

In 2024, she embarked on a new venture by joining the Florida Towel Company as a Liaison & Public Relations expert, marking a significant milestone in her career journey.

Steve Millon - Amazon Store Manager

Experienced online retailer in the e-commerce industry utilizing Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Shopify Selling Platforms.

Steve Millon is a strong business procurement professional with a Master of Business Administration – MBA focused in Business Analytics.