Outstanding quality guaranteed environmentally conscious & sustainable

Crafted from premium 100% cotton (biodegradable & compostable), our Refreshing Towels boast a scent curated in Grasse, France – the global epicenter of fragrances. We meticulously uphold the highest quality standards, ensuring your guests will be genuinely impressed.

Each towel is hermetically sealed to preserve its freshness and the potency of its scent, guaranteeing a top-tier product for your valued guests. In addition, our Refreshing Towel is carefully stored at 65 degrees Fahrenheit within its packaging.

Not only the towel is entirely compostable, but our packaging is also meticulously crafted from recycled plastic, showcasing our dedication to sustainability and environmental awareness. Now available packaging 100%  Plastic Free  C/PAP 84

Experience the convenience of our multi-use product, designed to be reusable for up to 8 hours thanks to our innovative patent-pending design. Say goodbye to single-use items and embrace sustainability with every use.

A clean, hygienic & cost effective solution

Many high-end establishments and luxury hotels use the Oshibori (Japanese traditional towel service) as their welcoming tradition, which can be expensive, labor-intensive, and heavy on logistics.

OUR Refreshing Towel is the only alternative on the market that is easy, hygienic, and affordable.

Let us help you save time, money, and effort while still offering your guests a unique and refreshing experience.

Elevate your customer experience

In today’s elevated customer experience landscape, meeting higher standards is crucial, and we’re dedicated to assisting you in achieving just that.

Our product offers a unique, unexpected touch that will leave your guests pleasantly surprised. Unmatched in its price range, there’s simply nothing else like it on the market.

Allow us to help you craft an exceptional first impression, leaving your guests feeling both refreshed and delighted.

These little marvels hold the power to turn any moment into a rejuvenating and invigorating experience for your esteemed customers.

Fully customizable to optimize your brand visibility

At The Florida Towel Company, we recognize the paramount significance of effective branding.

That’s why our towels offer complete customization options to maximize your brand’s visibility.

Tailor the scent to align with your distinct olfactory identity, while the sleeve can be artfully designed to mirror your color palette, logo, and more.

Allow us to assist you in leaving a lasting impression on both your guests and clients through this personalized touch.

The Florida Towel Company stands as your prime destination for a fresh approach to guest welcome and brand promotion.

Our product embodies freshness, sophistication, and affordability, seamlessly integrating into any hospitality venture.

Exceptional value at competitive prices.

With our combination of competitive pricing and unparalleled quality, our product stands as a high-value offering bound to delight everyone.

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at just how cost-effective it is to provide your guests with a special touch like our Refreshing Towel.

Seize this opportunity  to elevate your guests’ experience at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional welcoming rituals and merchandising offerings.

About The Florida Towel Company

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, crafting unforgettable customer experiences is paramount.

Traditional methods like providing hot or cold towels in the Hospitality industry have proven labor-intensive and often fall short of contemporary hygiene standards.

Furthermore, their usage is confined to a specific location, and they lack any branding potential.

This is where The Florida Towel Company steps in, offering a distinctive chance for ‘Meaningful Branding,’ revolutionizing the way businesses leave their mark.

The Florida Towel Company presents a cutting-edge and economical solution that enhances your guest experience, while guaranteeing brand recognition, convenience, quality, and hygiene.

Elevate your brand visibility while delivering a sophisticated customer experience to your esteemed patrons through our invigorating, stylish, and pleasantly
 scented towels.

We’re dedicated to assisting you in creating an outstanding first impression with a personalized touch that will leave your guests feeling rejuvenated and indulged.

Revive, invigorate, and leave an enduring mark with our revitalizing towels. Elevate your customer experience today !